Doctor Who Confidential EpisodesEdit

Series OneEdit

A New Dimension

Bringing Back the Doctor

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


I Get A Side-Kick Out of You

Why on Earth?


The Dark Side

Time Trouble

Special Effects

Weird Science

Unsung Heroes and Violent Death

The World of Who

The Last Battle

The Ultimate Guide

Backstage at Christmas

Series TwoEdit

One Year On

New New Doctor

Fear Factor

Freinds Reunited

Script to Screen


From Zero to Hero

The Writer's Tale

You've Got the Look

Myths and Legends

The New World of Who

The Fright Stuff

Welcome to Torchwood


Music and Monsters

Series ThreeEdit

Meet Martha Jones

Stage Fright

Are We There Yet?

A New York Story

Making Manhattan

Monsters Inc.

Space Craft

Alter Ego

Bad Blood

Do You Remember the First Time?

Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello

The Saxon Mystery

The Valiant Quest

Time Crash Confidential

Designs on Doctor Who

Confidential at Christmas

Series FourEdit

A Noble Return

The Italian Job

Oods and Ends

Send in the Clones


Sins of the Fathers


Shadow Play

River Runs Deep

Look Who's Talking

Here Come the Girls

Friends and Foe

End of an Era

Christmas 2008 Special

Top 5 Christmas Moments

The Eleventh Doctor

The SpecialsEdit

Desert Storm

Is There Life On Mars?

Lords and Masters 


Greatest MomentsEdit

The Doctor

The Companions

The Enemies